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Welcome to our alligator sanctuary, where we currently provide a safe haven for over 50 alligators rescued from various situations, including backyard ponds, pools, and piers. Our sanctuary allows these magnificent creatures to mature and thrive before being relocated to Gator Country in Beaumont, TX. 

Nuisance Alligator?

Not all alligators are considered nuisance alligators. Merely spotting an alligator in an unexpected location does not automatically classify it as a nuisance. In most cases, alligators will move on if left alone. However, if humans feed these incredible creatures, their natural behavior will be altered. Feeding a wild alligator even once can cause it to lose its natural fear of humans and begin to view them as a source of food.

***If you are in need of alligator rescue services, please contact Texas Parks & Wildlife at (512) 389-4848***


Juvenile alligator is caught by one of our professional wranglers.

Alligator Rescues

in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

During springtime, the American Alligator experiences its peak breeding season. As a result, adult alligators tend to wander from their natural habitats in search of mates. Additionally, dominant males begin to drive out rivals from their territories. Unfortunately, these roaming alligators may end up in unexpected locations and can pose a problem for nearby residents.

Juvenile Alligator enjoys his blue crab catch at the edge of the habitat pond.

Current Residents

Alligator residents tangled up on the edge of their pond habitat.

Once rescued and removed from dangerous situations, juvenile alligators find a safe haven at our Sanctuary. Our gator residents range from 3 to 5 3/4 ft and are given the opportunity to mature and grow to at least 6ft in size before being relocated to Gator Country in Beaumont, TX.

Currently, the Sanctuary is home to about 50 juvenile gators, along with our two permanent residents, Big Padre and Lady Laguna.

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