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Big Padre.jpeg

Big Padre

Big Padre, the most beloved alligator in Port Arthur, was a frequent visitor to the local boat dock, where he would receive scraps from the friendly fishermen. However, one day, he approached a tourist's boat and rested his head on the side, causing a bit of a stir. The gentleman called Texas Parks and Wildlife and he unfortunately had to be removed. However, we are delighted to have Big Padre under our care, where he can live his days in comfort!

Big Padre.jpeg



12ft 6in


~ 800lbs

Lady Laguna

While male alligators like Big Padre can reach impressive sizes of up to 11 feet in length and weigh a whopping 790 pounds, Lady Laguna is a bit more petite. At 7 feet 11 inches long and weighing around 250 pounds, she may be smaller, but her presence is just as captivating. 

Dive deeper into our alligator sanctuary, where we give rescued gators a safe place to call home before setting them free with the help of our friends at Gator Country.

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